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Student Services

Peer Mentoring

The peer mentoring program provides a senior engineering student as an advisor for every new engineering freshman.  Freshmen who choose to participate in the peer mentoring program meet once a week with their mentors and talk about a variety of problems that are likely to be of interest to new students.  The peer mentors receive training from the College of Engineering and advice about what topics to discuss each week.  Both academic and non-academic topics are discussed.  More information on peer mentoring is available at the College of Engineering peer mentoring site.


Each Electrical Engineering student is assigned an Electrical Engineering professor to be his or her advisor.  A student's advisor helps him or her select which courses to take each semester, and provides advice on all academic matters.  A student's advisor can also direct the student to campus resources for help with non-academic problems.

Medical Services

The Pat Walker Health Center provides outpatient care for all University of Arkansas students and staff.  Office visits to the clinic are free to students because they are covered in the student health fee.  The Pat Walker Health Center is well staffed and has extensive facilities.  Much more information about university health services is available at the University Health Services site.

Counseling and Psychological Services

The University of Arkansas Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) department provides counseling and psychotherapy as well as a large variety of other services.  Emergency service is available 24 hours a day, including during University holidays.  Much more information about Counseling and Psychological Services is available at the CAPS web site.


University Housing is committed to providing a quality living and learning environment that supports personal, social, and academic development of all students.  The University Housing web site provides a wealth of information on available housing.  They even provide an online "Roommate Profiler" to help students find compatible room mates.