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Graduate Commitment

The graduate program offers a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, an ONLINE  Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering (M.S.E.E.), a Master of Science Degree in Engineering (M.S.E.), and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Engineering (Ph.D.). The Electrical Engineering Department is committed to providing addition instruction to graduate students as well as the research environment necessary for the graduate ot succeed.  This program will enable the graduate to:

      1. Accomplish research that will address new and critical issues;
      2. Assume leadership roles in research and development teams;
      3. Advance quickly to management position in research and development; and
      4. Confidently take the leadership role where ever they choose their professional career.

Resouces for Graduate Students


Learn how to apply to graduate school, requirements for admission, deadlines, etc.


How to obtain financial support, cost of attending, etc.

Academic Program

Degree requirements, steps in getting a degree, forms, research areas, courses for your specialty, course syllabi, etc.


MicroeEP is a partner M.S./Ph.D. graduate program specializing in micro and nanoscale materials, processing, and devices.

Plagiarism Resources for Graduate Students

Lectures, pamphlets, and guidelines on plagiarism and paraphrasing and a short quiz to test your knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions for Graduate students


Link to information for traveling as a Graduate Student.


Housing, career helps, etc.