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Faculty and Staff Directory

Dr. Simon Ang
Professor and Director of HiDEC
Office: BELL 3167
Telephone: (479) 575-7683
Dr. Juan C. Balda
Department Head, University Professor
Office: BELL 3171
Telephone: (479) 575-6578
Mr. Joshua Bishop
Scientific Research Tech.
Telephone: 479-575-7472
Ms. Sharon Brasko
Fiscal Support Analyst
Office: Bell 3217
Telephone: 479-575-6583
Alison Brown
GREEN Center Manager
Office: CSRC 214
Telephone: 479-575-4965
Dr. Randy Brown
Associate Professor Emeritus
Office: BELL 3174
Telephone: (479) 575-6581
Dr. William D. Brown
Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Mr. Tom Cannon
Research Associate
Office: ENRC - HiDEC
Telephone: (479) 575-5031
Mrs. Sarah Davis
Administrative Specialist II
Office: 3217 Bell Engineering
Telephone: 479-575-3005
Dr. Samir El-Ghazaly
Distinguished Professor
Office: 3169 Bell Engineering Center
Telephone: (479) 575-6048
Dr. Magda El-Shenawee
Office: BELL 3176
Telephone: (479) 575-6582
Mr. Chris Farnell
NCREPT Test Engineer
Office: ENGR 110
Telephone: 479-575-2309
Mrs. Tana Fouse
Assistant to the Graduate Coordinator
Office: 3217 Bell Engineering
Telephone: 479-575-4037
Dr. Jim L. Gattis
Associate Professor Emeritus
Office: BELL 3184
Telephone: (479) 575-6051
Mrs. Kimberly N. Gillow
Administrative Support Supervisor
Office: NCREPT - 2055 Innovation Way
Telephone: 479-575-2163
Dr. Michael D. Glover
Research Assistant Professor
Office: ENRC 373A
Telephone: (479) 575-7292
Mrs. Connie Howard
HEI Program Coordinator
Office: BELL 3220
Telephone: (479) 575-3008
Kathy M. Kirk
Administrative Support Supervisor
Office: Cato Springs Research Center
Telephone: 479-575-5614
Daniel M. Klein
Master Scientific Research Technologist
Telephone: (479) 575-7472
Dr. Baohua Li
Research Assistant Professor
Office: Bell 3185
Telephone: 479-575-6587
Dr. Omar Manasreh
Professor, Director of Optoelectronics Laboratory
Office: BELL 3166
Telephone: (479) 575-6053
Dr. Alan Mantooth
Distinguished Professor and 21st Century Chair in Mixed-Signal IC Design and CAD
Office: BELL 3175
Telephone: (479) 575-4838
Dr. Terry Martin
Professor and Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Office: ADMN 422
Telephone: (479) 575-2151
Dr. Roy A. McCann
Professor, Director of Control Systems Laboratory; Associate Director, National Center for Reliable Electric Power
Office: BELL 3173
Telephone: (479) 575-6054
Dr. Hameed Naseem
Professor, Graduate Coordinator, and Director of Solid State Lab
Office: BELL 3172
Telephone: (479) 575-6052
Mr. Errol Porter
Research Associate
Office: ENRC 373C
Telephone: (479) 575-2519
Kaoru U. Porter
Research Associate
Office: ENRC - HiDEC
Dr. James Rankin
Vice Provost for Research and Economic Development; Professor
Telephone: 479-575-2470
Mr. Robert Saunders, P.E.
Instructor and Assistant Department Head
Office: Bell 3181
Telephone: 479-575-6586
Dr. Silke Spiesshoefer
Adjunct Professor
Office: Genesis-1435
Telephone: 479-575-3967
Mr. Mike Steger
Research Assistant
Telephone: (479) 575-4371
Dr. Vasundara Varadan
Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Dr. Vijay Varadan
Distinguished Prof of Electrical Engineering; Distinguished Prof of Biomed Engr; Prof of Neurosurgery, College of Medicine, UAMS.
Office: ENRC 1610
Telephone: (479) 575-2873
Mr. T. A. Walton
Managing Director, NCREPT and GRAPES I/UCRC
Office: 2055 Innovation Way
Telephone: 479-575-4487
Dr. Jingxian Wu
Associate Professor
Office: BELL 3168
Telephone: (479) 575-6584
Dr. Jing Yang
Assistant Professor
Office: Bell 3177
Telephone: 575-2635
Dr. Shui-Qing (Fisher) Yu
Associate Professor
Office: Bell 3182
Telephone: (479) 575-7265