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How Do I Apply for Admission?

There are two steps to becoming a graduate student in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Arkansas.

  1. Get accepted by the International Admissions Office, and
  2. Get accepted by the Department of Electrical Engineering.

The first step is getting accepted by the International Admissions Office. (Note that the domestic and international admissions office are actually the same office, so all students apply through the International Admissions Office.)  To accomplish this, a student should upload online or send all application materials to the International Admissions Office, not to the Department of Electrical Engineering.  You can apply through the website, or by mail. The International Admissions Office evaluates student credentials for the Graduate School. 

The website and Email address for the admissions office are and, respectively.  A good way to begin is to read the website of the admissions office.

After a student is evaluated by the International Admissions Office, if he or she meets the Graduate School admission requirements, then the student's file will be sent to the Department of Electrical Engineering for evaluation.

There is a committee in the Electrical Engineering Department that accepts or rejects potential graduate students.  The International Admissions Office sends all information to the Electrical Engineering Department, so you do not have to send it again.

The Department of Electrical Engineering requires (1) a Statement of Purpose, (2) three Letters of Recommendation, and (3) a CV or Resume as part of the application.  If you choose to apply by mail, these should be mailed to the International Admissions Office, along with the other application materials.  If you choose to apply online, you will be sent a link to provide contact information for references. Please include your Statement of Purpose and CV/Resume with you other uploaded documents. The Statement of Purpose is a one or two page document which explains why you want to obtain an M.S. or Ph.D., and describes the research areas in which you would like to specialize.  The research areas pages of this website describe common specialty areas and list the faculty doing research in each area.

In summary, you need to apply through the International Admissions Office and interact with them to complete your file so that they can do the evaluation.   Once they have your application, they will correspond with you to let you know if anything is needed to complete your file.  Once it is complete, they will evaluate it and then send your file to the Electrical Engineering Department for a final admission decision. The decision is made by voting by the faculty members in Department Graduate Committee.

Requirements for Admission

For the master’s degree program in the Electrical Engineering Department, a student must have a grade point average of at least 3.0 (based on a 4.0 system) on all undergraduate work, or else a 3.0 average or above on the last 60 hours of undergraduate course work.  Also, the sum of a student's verbal and quantitative GRE scores must be at least 302. A GRE score is required for all students, except those graduating with a B.S. from the University of Arkansas.

For the Ph.D. program, there must be a faculty member in the Department of Electrical Engineering who is willing to be your major advisor.  Once you are accepted by the Graduate School, your application will be sent to the Electrical Engineering Department. Even if the Graduate Committee votes to accept you, a faculty member must be found who is willing to serve as your advisor. A GRE score of at least 302 is also required for the Ph.D. program unless the student's M.S. degree is from the University of Arkansas. 

Since the Electrical Engineering graduate program receives many more applications than the department has faculty or funds to support, admission is competitive.  In other words, meeting the minimum requirements listed above does not guarantee admission to the program.


Application deadlines can be found at

If you have a question that needs to be answered by the Department of Electrical Engineering instead of the Admissions Office, please send an e-mail to

I 20

I 20's are issued by the International Admissions Office instead of by the Electrical Engineering Department.  If you have questions about your I 20, please contact the International Admissions Office at