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Resources for Faculty and Students



    College of Engineering Forms

    Student registration forms specific to College of Engineering and Honors College Forms

    Graduate Forms

    Print graduate forms. Be sure to check the forms links in the upper left corner of the page.

    Internal Graduate Forms

    These are forms required specifically by the Graduate program of the Electrical Engineering Department.

    Administrative Forms

    Departmental forms, such as the travel reimbursement form.

    ELEG Help forms

    Download forms for ELEG employees.

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Directory and Scheduling

    Final Exam Schedules

    Look up dates & times of final exams.


    Check class rosters, clear advising holds, check the schedule of classes, etc.


    Look up email addresses, phone numbers, and office addresses of students, faculty, & staff.

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    Learn about computing resources, download forms, contact computer help department, etc.

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